April 18, 2010

Reminds Me of God

Recently my son lovingly looked at a toy I had purchased for him. In his childlike seriousness, he spoke, "Mom, this toy reminds me of God, Daddy, and T.(His new friend)

He went on to explain what features of the toy reminded him of each person. I smiled at his creativeness and depth of thinking. It reminds me of his sentimental daddy.

Oh, the lessons we can learn from children.

When was the last time I looked for God in everything I saw? Now it is easy on a beautiful morning with the birds singing, or the hug from a friend when we are sad. But what about the ordinary things of the day? When I erase something, do I think of God erasing my sins? When I slip on my shoes, do I think of how God protects me where I go? When I answer the phone, do I think how God never is too busy to listen to me? When I get a drink, do I think about His Love that quenches my thirst? When I eat, do I think of His Word that nourishes my soul?

Like I said before, the lesson we can learn from children.

Lord, help me be more like my son and see you in everything in my life.