April 08, 2010

Through the Eyes of Time

Today I saw an old friend at the library. We hadn't chatted much since September and it was great to visit. The more we chatted, the more I realized how much clearer I see how God has been working in my life. Catching up with an old friend who loves the Lord as much as I do was exciting. She could see what I was seeing, how the Lord has just been stretching me, expanding my "borders", drawing others into my life for His purpose.....and I stand amazed.
Through the eyes of time, I can see how God started me on a journey within the journey of young widowhood. He had me begin to looking beyond my pain and heartache and become a grief mentor of sorts. Some fingerprints of God on our lives: we have put back on our weekly menu the same meal we were having the night Jim died, my love for baking has returned much to the boys delight, I have called strangers and shared my story, I've become more of a let's-pray-right-now kind of prayer warrior, nine different young widows' lives have crossed mine, some have become precious friends, articles were written that God used to help others, I have become a sort of texting prayer warrior, an informal email support group started, my children have begun to reach out to other hurting children and see how God is enough even when they miss Daddy so much....and these are just the first layer of fingerprints that I see. I know there is more, many more on my heart where the Lord has touched me and changed me for my good and His glory.

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